Relationship is the foundation.

The Ideal Advantage begins long before you decide to purchase or upgrade your flooring.  We know that purchasing new flooring can take years of dreaming, planning and budgeting.We’re here to serve you in caring for your current flooring, choosing or upgrading to new products, installation, and in making those purchases last for as long as you love them!


Our 35+ years of industry knowledge and experience has built our team of experts. We’ve built great relationships with our suppliers, and with an eye on innovation, have been able to serve our customers by providing the best performing products that meet function, style and budget.


Over the past decade there have been a number of improvements to almost every type of flooring available. From environmentally conscious changes to the way flooring is made, to the texture, colour and patterns available, we pride ourselves in offering the newest and most durable flooring options on the market today.


From Ideal Floors inception, Don Bergen’s passion has always been cars (corvettes specifically)…and flooring.  From his beginnings, to today’s team, we still feel passionate about offering great products to our valued customers.  We’ve built relationships with our clients as we have dreamed together, planned and installed flooring  (in multiples homes or projects) and it’s that relationship that sets us apart.


You would be surprised how affordable great quality flooring is, and we are proud to work with a number of budgets to provide great flooring options for every project. With flooring products that last for years, your hard earned dollars go farther, longer, leaving your budgets free to create memories with family and friends.

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A conversation about the project, the needs of that space and your personal style is a great place to start.


The Solution

Together, we can talk about which products will offer, durability and a number of key qualities and match the products you love with the lifestyle you lead. With so many options available, our guided tour through the showroom allows you to see just the right amount of options, without being overwhelmed.


The Details

An on-site measurement of your space (at no charge) and a prepared estimate will ensure that the project works with your budgets and timelines.