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Offering the highest quality, Bullfrog Spas/hot tubs, Duradek vinyl outdoor flooring, and maintenance free Star Aluminum Railings in Winkler, Manitoba. 

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The Ideal Backyard

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas are the perfect, unique addition to your deck. Benefits include:

  • Interchangeable JetPaks which slip into place in the tub
  • Maintains consistent water temperature

Bullfrog Spas are premium hot tubs made with the patented JetPak Therapy System™. Each JetPak® is bio-engineered to provide a specific massage experience. With your choice of JetPaks®, Bullfrog Spas give you more hydrotherapy options than any other hot tub.

JetPak Therapy

The revolutionary design provides personal massages, energy efficiency, performance, and reliability that no other spa can match. Bullfrog Spas JetPak therapy system outperforms all conventional spas. The modular design maximizes personal therapy, fit, and comfort. The JetPak system is a patented technology perfected by decades of research and development.

JetPaks were designed with you in mind. No two people are the same – whether in height, weight, or your massage preferences. JetPaks are designed to accommodate you, and your specific likes and needs.

Life changes and so do we. JetPaks allow your spa to change to meet your needs as your lifestyle changes over the years.

Bullfrog Spas vs. conventional spas

The conventional wisdom used in conventional spa plumbing is all wrong. All the conventional spas are plumbed the same way – it’s inefficient and out-dated.

To achieve adequate jet performance – conventional spas require a diverter valve that diverts water to only 50% of the spa at any one time. That means ½ of the people in the spa are not experiencing any jet therapy.

As you can see from this photo conventional spas require 100’s of feet of plumbing and each additional foot of pipe taxes the pumps and increases the chance for heat loss and failure.

The advanced engineering of JetPak Therapy System allows for a highly efficient plumbing design and eliminates that need for diverter valves. With minimal joints and up to 90% less plumbing you can enjoy 100% of your spa with worry free technology that is far superior to conventional spas.

Benefits of Bullfrog Spas Frame and Base

Bullfrog Spas start with a solid foundation – this iron tough EnduraBase is molded from durable ABS materials. The base is impervious to water, and features patented built in chase ways for easy wiring at your home.

That base is joined to the 100% wood free EnduraFrame. These materials are water resistant and will never rot or corrode and we guarantee it for the life of your spa. This system provides ultimate durability and a perfect fit, every time.

Conventional spas are still made today with common materials like wood and steel which can rot and rust away. 

Additionally, the entire Bullfrog Spa structure is insulated with high-density foam, which helps support the filled spa and prevents heat loss giving you the energy efficient spa in its class.

Bullfrog Spa base Bullfrog Spa base



STIL: A New Concept in Modern Hot Tub Design

Elegantly modern, STIL™ represents a new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design. Each massage is bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized therapy while every detail appeals to your refined sensibilities. With 2 lounge seats and an open concept with freedom to enjoy all seats either upright or at a relaxed recline you will find no other spa on the market like STIL.



Duradek is a dual use outdoor vinyl sheet product designed for deck/patio flooring or a second story roof. Take your flooring “Outdoors” with confidence at Ideal Floors. We are your Duradek dealer for southern Manitoba. Benefits include:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Install on concrete or plywood
  • Constructed in a variety of colours
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Star Aluminum Railing


Star aluminum railing is an ideal product to finish off your deck or patio project with ease. Benefits include:

  • Heavy gauge
  • Residential or commercial application
  • Designed in a variety of colours, styles and finishes